On-site or based on photography.
1 room – € 27.00
Living room + dining room + kitchen – € 60.00

LAYOUT PLANNING – € 5.00 / m2
Layout development on the basis of current layout situation.
Price includes determining the position of the rooms and furniture inside it and positions of luminaires.

Arrival at the facility to capture the situation at an additional charge.

SHOPPING WITH CLIENT – € 27.00 / hour
Advising clients in the furniture and paneling stores. On-site coordinating of the various elements of the interior, adjusting the colors, looking for the best solutions.

Arrival at site and consultations regarding the layout, colours for the walls, floor and wall coverings, furniture and decorations, positions and forms of luminaires. Presentation of examples through the catalogues of furniture and luminaires, colour charts and samples of materials.
Consultation does not include layout planning and 3D visualization.
1 room – € 100.00
Living + dining room + kitchen – € 280.00

LAYOUT PLAN – € 20.00 – 27.00 / m2
Interior design is developed on the basis of detailed interview with clients about their wishes, needs and possibilities, after which the initial version is made. Investor is presented with 2-3 versions and after consultation with investor, ​​the final floor plans are made. 3D visualization, lists and descriptions of furniture, luminaires and decorations with their catalogue codes and prices. If necessary, bill of costs and drawings for custom-made furniture are made.
Cost of the project is determined by many factors so that the price is created after the first meeting with an investor.

This service includes seeking of supply from the contractors, helping investor in selecting the contractor, organization and supervision of works.
The price of this service is created after consultation with the investor and depends on the extent and complexity of the works.

MAKEOVER – € 7,00 /m²
The service includes counseling* about makeover of your estate for sale:  ideas to arrange the furniture, how to paint the walls and decorations, what to add or remove to attract a potential buyer. Does not include 3D renderings and blueprints.
* For performing renovation, the price is formed after a meeting with the investor.

Decoration of private and public space for daily life and work, or for specific applications, includes making ideas that will be presented to investors, making the cost estimation for works and materials, supplying decorations, implementing and monitoring of decoration. The service fee is formed after talks with an investor.


  • Prices are approximate and may vary, depending on the particular case.

  • Price does not include travel expenses.

  • DESIGN BY BANAY j.d.o.o. does not charged VAT.