Ivana Banay is an interior designer from Karlovac, where she was born in 1981 and where she graduated from high school (the Karlovac Gymnasium). After that, she graduated in economics at the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Economics, but very soon recognized that the economic sciences were not one of those fields where she would be able to realize her full potential and ambitions, and so she embarked on a quest for an ideal job.
And h ow did she get involved with interior design …? Interior design has been something that she has always been drawn to, but only when she first redecorated her room and really enjoyed it did she realize that it was her life’s calling. Shortly thereafter she enrolled in the Italian Callegari School in Zagreb, the interior design department. During the first year there she acquired the degree of a interior decoration stylist, and after two years she became an interior designer. Simultaneously, she also got her degree in economics and during her university years she already did ​​her first interior designing projects. First among them was designing a pharmacy interior, and then decorating the administrative building of a company where she was employed.

During the years of work she has continued to learn and educate herself, since academic learning is only a basis, a starting point, and each project brings a new opportunity to learn about the materials, colors, styles, customers and various relations between space and its users. She also learns through seminars and various meetings concerning interior design and architecture in general. She constantly visits fairs and presentations of new materials and techniques related to interior decoration.
Her work is characterized by variety in the use of materials and styles, tendency to merge the old with the new, and to make space “warm” and pleasant.
What characterizes her as an interior designer is the relationship with the client. She tries to understand him or her, and then suggest her ideas and thus gain the attention and trust. She does not consider interior design an art as an end in itself, but a skill aimed at making the space more comfortable and enjoyable for life and work.
In her private life, she is preoccupied with her family, a husband and two sons, and she enjoys sports, but also likes to relax her body and mind sipping a nice cup of coffee at her favourite café.